Valentines Stamping

Actually that title makes the activity less than what it is, in fact you could do this activity throughout the year with all sorts of colours.

But as I had the three girls (7, 5 and 3) we did pinks!

I used toilet rolls (which I annoyingly sprayed with anti-bac then allowed them to dry…) and bent them into different shapes, we had a heart, a circle (natural-state!), a diamond, a leaf and what I wanted to be a star but the girls said was a butterfly! I then cut a couple in half so they could use the same shape at the same time!





L asked me how I had made the pink and I took the opportunity to ask her how she thought I had made it, she correctly guessed that I had used white but couldn’t fathom out what was darker than pink! It’s a great activity for mixing colours to see what they turn into which is what I would do in future.

Valentines Bookmark

This craft came to me yesterday and it’s possible I saw it on another site but I honestly cannot remember, so forgive me if I’ve stolen your idea!

I did this craft with my older girls M; 7 and L; 4.5. I took over doing the templates and let them do free rein of decorating!

To start I drew the bottom part of the bookmark which I did 15cm by 3cm, I found the middle part and 2cm down I made a dot and 2cm up I made a dot.

On one half I drew half the heart from these two dots. I folded the bookmark in half and cut it out and I now had a perfectly symmetrical heart!

Folding it back over I made a cut along the bottom of the heart, stopping about half a cm from the edge (as otherwise I’d then have a heart in my hand not on my bookmark!)

As another embellishment I cut a smaller heart out of the middle of the heart but this is completely optional.

Here are the girls’ bookmarks – had to blur one has M wrote her full name all over it! 😀