Tried & Tested: Toucan Box

I found out about this box from Emma at A Blissful Life and used her referral code to get a free box to try out.

I ordered it with C the 3.2 year old in mind and used it when she came for a playdate to my house last week.

The activity featured a jellyfish and it had everything you needed to be able to create two jellyfish.


For this activity you didn’t need any glue which was a bonus and it sets out each step perfectly and with illustrations.





Sorry there’s no completed picture, C stole the jellyfish away before I had chance!

I really loved the idea and if I had a child of my own I’d sign up properly to receive a box every fortnight, but I couldn’t justify spending the money on my work children, however did pass on the details to my boss in case she was interested!

I received this box free as part of a referral program but generally it costs from £3.95 per box. See their website for more details.

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Tried & Tested – Durham Botanic Gardens


This is a firm favourite the Durham Mumsnetters in the Summer months for meet ups, mums and carers can grab a coffee whilst the children try not to drown themselves in the little shore-like pond.



There are several paths to choose from some buggy-friendly, some not, but it’s all very well sign posted. There’s plenty to look at from an actual bee hive to an indoor rainforest which the children love turning on the mist for!

It has a very nice cafe which serves anything from breakfast and coffee to individual tubs of ice cream! I also think it is fairly priced.

You can find the website for the Durham Botanic Gardens here.

P.s. Watch out for the great big tarantula…

This is a review for the Family Fever Tried & Tested Linky.

Family Fever

Tried & Tested – Lidl Filter Coffee


I’ve been meaning to pick up a good filter coffee for a few weeks and was sorely tempted to buy the Costa coffee version but as I was in Lidl on Sunday I decided to give their one a go.

It’s called Melangerie 100% Arabica and comes in two blends; Colombian and Brazilian. I went for the Colombian for no other reason than it was in a purple bag(!).

My favourite part of new coffee is opening the bag/tin for the very first time, the aroma is amazing and this epitomises why I drink coffee.

I used a table spoon of the grounds to a make enough for two cups. It was a mellow taste, no hint of bitterness that I could detect – admittedly I’m a milk and a two sweeteners kind of girl – but my mother who drinks hers black said it was “very nice”.

I will definitely try it again and may even try the other blend!

This is a review for the Family Fever Tried & Tested Linky.

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Tried & Tested: LUSH Bath Bomb

I never used to like LUSH, thought it was all very lentil-weavery and stinky until two Christmases ago my sister-in-law bought me a gift set with bath bombs and I’m a total convert. What overgrown child doesn’t enjoy a red bath filled with glitter!

So after christmas last year my mum and I hit the January sales and whilst LUSH never hold sales so to speak, they had reduced the Christmas stock prices. I grabbed a few things including a children’s robot simply because it smelled of Lavender! My favourite scent.

I only have one bomb left and it is the Father Christmas bomb, with a terrifying sculpt of a Santa Claus. To me it smells very candy-like almost reminiscent of Parma Violets and is the same scent they use in their Snow Fairy range.

Upon putting it in the bath it gave off a brief red and white colouring before turning the bath a gorgeous sea-green. It doesn’t have glitter in this bomb (disappointingly) but has left my skin feeling very soft without being too oily. However do be careful getting out of the bath as it does make the water a bit slippy!

So Father Christmas usually retails for £3.50 but I was lucky to grab him for £1.75!

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Tried & Tested: Cien SOS Hand Cream

Winter has been pretty damaging to my hands this year, along with washing dishes in at least three houses per week my hands were starting to look dry and raw.

My previous go-to hand cream (Soap & Glory Hand Food) was almost empty and having heard good things about the Lidl brand Cien I decided to see what hand creams they had on offer. There were a number of types, a general hand cream, an aging hand cream and the one I chose, an SOS Hand Concentrate in 75ml. I couldn’t quite work out the shelf label so decided it must be around the £2.00 mark.

I must admit upon first application it reminded me of Lanolin nipple cream (which I have used for dry skin in the past!) but it was absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my hands greasy. There’s no scent, which to me is slightly disappointing but I know others prefer non-perfumed items.

It’s been about five days of intermittent use and my hands are soft and the knuckles are no longer red and dry.

A few days after use I decided to check my Lidl receipt and the price? The princely sum of £0.75p! Absolute bargain!

These are my own opinions and I bought this item off my own back.

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