February Favourites


…book: I only read one book this month and it most definitely wasn’t a favourite but feel free to read the review of There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras.

…drink: Really enjoying my Sparkling Spring Water from Lidl, it’s flavoured so is just like pop but a damn sight better than my usual Pepsi!


…recipe: my curried sweet potato soup was so good this month, can’t believe I only made four portions!


…picture: after going de-caff again I discovered our local tea room does decaff coffee! I was overly excited when they put a Monument on the cappuccino with chocolate!


…beauty: my vaseline lip therapy in blush has been getting used a lot this month


…moment: when my darling 3 year old charge brought me a single red rose!


The List

The List: My Top Ten Programmes on Netflix

I subscribed to netflix about a year ago now and have devoured so many shows that I don’t know what I did without it!

Here are my top ten programmes that I’ve binge-watched in the past 12 months (in no particular order):

1: Pretty Little Liars; a great programme if not a bit confusing at times. It follows four teenage girls who lost a friend a year ago and they don’t know if she was murdered or what.

2: Gossip Girl; totally team Blair/Chuck! Also wishes I lived in the Upper East Side of New York and could sit and drink Cristal all day long.

3: Once Upon a Time; haven’t quite caught up on this yet but am loving how it features every character ever thought up by Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm

4: Prison Break; Wentworth Miller had me questioning my sexuality in this programme and the story is amazing, so well thought out.

5: Bates Motel; who’d have thought little Charlie Bucket would go so far! A great prequel to the well known Psycho movie.

6: Orange is the New Black; love this programme so much but hate having to wait a year to binge-watch the next 13 episodes. Who doesn’t love a prison drama?

7: The L Word; a bunch of gorgeous lesbians in LA, ’nuff said.

8: The Tudors; my favourite period in history and this tv show really did it justice!

9: 24; who doesn’t love Jack Bauer and his relentlessly exhausting life!

10: House; Hugh Laurie is ridiculously acerbic but hilarious, absolutely love him. Have also learnt a lot about medical things!

Praying some more oldie shows get added (Bad Girls anyone?) but for now I’m very happy with the selection I’ve watched and have so many more that I need to get round to watching.

The List

What I love about my job?

Since it’s Valentines my list this week is the things I love about my job:

– they get me out in the great outdoors, I’m such a homebody usually but children get cabin fever very quickly!


– they look much better in selfies than your friends do!


– you can bake goodies and they have no calories. none. whatsoever.


– children are very obliging.


– you can’t rush a genius, they’re on their own time.


– if you have girls, you can play with their hair.


– every day is unpredictable.


– they give you unlimited cuddles and kisses.


I love my job!

The List

What’s in my beauty bag?

Despite the brands in my make up bag, I’m not “into” doing my make up. I use it only for nights out, or if I have time before meeting friends. I definitely don’t waste it on work as the kids tell me I look 91 whether I have make up on or not!


But alas here are the key items in my make up bag:

…brushes: these are Ecotools Fresh & Flawless which I found in Boots (I can’t see this specific set on the boots website but I paid under £20.00). Out of this set I generally use the middle brush which is a ‘precision foundation brush’ and I sometimes use the next one along the ‘complexion blending brush’. They’re easy to use and to clean them I use hair conditioner to remove the grease build up.


concealer: I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclait in ‘2’ under my eyes to stop any dark bags, I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer terribly from bags under my eyes but now and then they creep out and I find the Touche Eclait just brightens my face up a bit. It was £25.00 from Debenhams.

foundation: I’m currently using Chanel Vitalumiére in beige but I think I might try the next shade down as I find I look like I have make up on rather than just looking natural. This was bloody expensive but I really like the liquid texture and I felt it went on to what is a dry face quite well. It was £33.00 from Debenhams.

eyeshadow: I flit between my brand new Urban Decay Naked 2 boxset and my Soap & Glory Eyes Box. I really love the blend of colours in the Naked 2 set, they’re natural and include a hint of sparkle for nights out. I use the S&G Eyes Box for day meets, as I find the pale pinky colour perfect for staying natural.


eyeliner: Absolutely in love with the Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl which came in the Eyes Box. It goes on so well and I’m horrendous for having shakey hands and drawing all over my face but I find this needs the lightest touch to give a good line. The annoying thing is bought separately this comes with it’s own sharpening but my version does not and I can’t work out how to sharpen it…


mascara: I got conned into buying this by the women on the Dior Counter, get a beauty card they said, you’ll get £5.00! I use Dior Diorshow Mascara Extase in black and it’s lovely, goes on well, doesn’t clump but it’s just mascara, something from Avon would do the same thing for a fraction of the price! It was £17.50 from Debenhams (no longer on website).


blusher: probably the cheapest item in my box but most used, I use the Avon ColourTrend Shimmering Lip and Cheek balm in ‘powder pink’. I use it on top of my foundation just to make me look a bit rosier in the cheeks. But it’s so old that it’s no longer sold by Avon and I’m not sure of the price, but definitely cheaper than £5.00!

lips: I’m a total lip gloss girl, and usually I’d go for a clear plumper but in my bag at the minute is the Dior Addict Gloss in Iconic Red. It really makes my lips pop especially if I wear red accessories like a cardigan or shoes. It was £22.00


scent: forgot to take a picture of this one, but my scent of choice has to be Miss Dior, it’s such a nice smell, and whilst it’s strong you don’t have to use as much so I find it lasts well compared to cheaper perfumes which you might have to douse yourself in. It’s £55.00 for the eau de toilette.

The List

The List – Things That Made Me Smile

I’ve had a bit of a miserable week, hormones have been getting the better of me so I thought I’d create a list for things that have made me smile this week:

– at work we were changing “let it go” to other words that rhyme with go; L’s contribution was “let it blow” which made me laugh!
– a thread on mumsnet about punching a jam roly poly, made me laugh especially when the OP said “so I punched it in its big suety face”
– C thinking Gracey was called Tracey… perhaps Mia should be Sharon?!
– this pinterest pin about a cat
– a donation site was set up for a local disabled man who was mugged (initial sadness was made happy by the generosity of strangers!) and has reached £30,000!
– seeing a picture of my favourite cat (besides my own) on the Persian Cat Owners Brag Group on Facebook
– one of my best friends being there every day and listening to my rants
– getting new readers/comments to my blog
– having a much needed coffee and pasty from Greggs (it’s the simple things..!)
– watching Mia getting a good wash from Gracey, she’s turning out to be a lovely big cat-sister!
– discovering a blog called running with spoons the name alone made me giggle insanely!

This is my first time creating a list for YouBabyMeMummy’s Linky; the List!

The List