Officially a homeowner!

We completed on Friday! I received the keys at 3.30pm on the 29th August 2014.

I foolishly took the cat up for a run-around. He was not impressed but I think it was more to do with it being his first car journey and he suffered poor thing.

I took a few boxes up but it’s going to be a gradual process as it seems easier than moving everything in one go – especially since most things are still in cupboards… whoops!

Annoyingly I went back to work on the 28th so have no had a day off work since in order to “work on things” (whatever that means, we all know I’m not doing anything to do with DIY). But on Saturday my mother went up with her hoover and steam cleaner and did the floors for me.

Tomorrow I’m going to IKEA to get some bookcases and things so expect a haul post tomorrow.

But for now, have some pictures of my TEAL things in situ…

All things teal!

I remember when I first had my offer accepted way back in mid-June. Of course on the list of things to do were:

1. Sort mortgage
2. Get solicitors quotes

But honestly, the first thing I did… I went onto and added all things teal to my basket, I think I managed to amass £150 worth of goods. I looked forward to the day I could hit checkout.

Imagine my chagrin, when one week to go my basket is empty… ah yes, thank you c-cleaner for wiping my cookies.

Also add to frustration when a lot of things were out of stock. I took the opportunity when I found myself in store to pick up a few bits – “need this colander, it’s out of stock online”.

Sadly my mother would only allow to buy what could fit in the basket so on this first trip I bought:

1. Colourplay Kettle in Teal
2. Chopping board in Teal
3. Colander in Teal
4. Colourplay Dinner Set in Teal
5. Colourplay Cutlery in Teal

The best thing about teal, is apparently no one else likes it, out of all the Colourplay colours, Teal is marked down in price?!

After sharing a sneak picture of my mini-haul on Facebook, a friend messaged telling me that Home Bargains (or B&M) had a selection of teal kitchen things!

So today, I can also add to my boot-load (I refuse to bring them into my mothers house, I will not move them twice!)

1. Set of Five Knives plus scissors
2. Tea Towels (set of 4)
3. Measuring Jug
4. Utensil Set
5. Grater
6. Two lamps (for the living room)
7. Wooden Spoons (they did have a teal set but they were plastic and I have a tendency to melt things)

I also picked up a clothes airer but it’s a more greeny shade so I’m going to swap it with my mothers which is … you guessed it. Teal.