An explosion…

L was asleep when I arrived today so M and I got on doing some science experiments, the thing I love about M is she’ll ask questions and even if I bullshit the answer or read it off the packet she just nods and goes along with it.

Today I told her we were going to make an explosion and that we needed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda…

I got her to smell the vinegar and she told me it smelled of fish and chips but I suspect she was more interested in the picture on the front!

I poured a little bit into a small bottle like so:

Then added a teaspoon full of bicarb:

M tried to put the lid on to “bottle” the explosion.  She asked why it made an explosion and I proceeded to read the bicarb container and told her it was a “raising agent” and promptly trailed off… because I honestly have no idea why it makes an explosion.

She enjoyed the experiment all the same!!