Saving Money – Month 2

Have still been whittling away a few pennies here and there and my savings account is now up to £252.27 which means I’ve saved £125.49 through coin sweeping in February.

Have a few expensive items coming up including the service for the car (£140.00!) and the gas and electric bill (£170.00!) plus I put a £500.00 item on my credit card which will need to be paid off before April.

Food bill has come down by £20.00 this month which is great and I will see if I can bring it down any further. God love Lidl! I am preparing a meal plan every Monday and shopping with this in mind.

Yikes! So I will continue with the coin sweeping and will keep unnecessary spending to a minimum again!

Saving Money – Month 1

Earlier this month I posted about one way I was going to try and boost my savings which involved “coin sweeping” the process of moving the itty bits from your bank to your savings account. I.e. you have £253.25 you might move £3.25 to your savings!

I started off by doing too much, £10s here and there and realised whilst that was great, it was about not missing the little bits, so I cut back to keeping it below £10.00.

Now it’s nearly the end of the month I am pleased to say I’ve managed to save £126.78!

If I can save at least £100 per month that will be £1,200 by New Years! But I think £1,000 is a good and achievable goal!

Next month I will be continuing with the coin sweeping but moving my concentration to my food budget which whilst has improved on previous months is still out of control!

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Saving Money

As an avid user of Mumsnet I was pleased to see a money-saving thread for January (although I believe they start one every month!). I’m keen to up my savings after almost decimating them buying a house and the past three months have involved huge outgoings buying nice things for the house and of course Christmas!

It started with links to previous threads including how to keep warm in the winter without relying heavily on the central heating (I was aghast to receive a £130 energy bill for December alone!), as well as “no spend days (NSD)” and “low spend days (LSD)”.

So far I’ve put a teddy bear fleece throw (Dunelm Mill £19.99!) under the valance sheet to keep snug in bed and have had the thermostat reconnected to the boiler so I can have it on constant and keep the house at a steady temperature instead of firing it up from cold.

Another idea I read about was coin sweeping in which one sweeps the itty bits in your bank to a savings account, i.e. if at the end of the month your balance was £352.23 you might send £2.23 to your savings account. The idea being that the pounds and pennies add up over the year.

Admittedly I’ve been a little over-zealous sending £10s here and there to get to a nicer round figure and am doing it daily but hopefully it’ll stop me buying useless shit like I would if it was in my current account.


House buying is expensive.

Today my solicitor sent their cash schedule which shows how much I have to pay upon exchange, this includes their fees, search fees and the deposit (20%!) of the house.

This is all with a view to exchanging on Tuesday (god damn bank holidays!)

My bank is not having a very good year, after the new car in January, donor sperm in February and now this, I’m not sure it’ll ever recover!

We are still on schedule for completion on 29th August! I cannot wait. Not that I’ve got anywhere with the packing… oops!