Chinese New Year 2013

The girls were lucky enough to be taken out for a chinese meal with their parents!  But in the lead up I wanted to do something that I remember doing often at school.

Making a lantern!

You need an A4 sheet of paper which you draw lines from 1cm in to the other side 1cm in.  Then the children draw their pattern on the sheet of paper, it can be anything they like using whatever materials you like, obvious choice being red and gold colours!

Fold the paper in half lengthways and snip the lines until you get to the last one where you can snip all the way through to create your handle!

Sellotape or glue the edges together and attach your handle at the top and ta-da! Lantern… or handbag as L preferred.

2013-02-10 15.32.58

The World

I drew around a plate in order to create the world, I asked M to draw me some countries, I cut out. I didn’t want to be too correct as we were being creative but I tried to make Great Britain somewhat correct!

I then drew arrows to important parts and M labelled them.

Note. Africa made it onto the world because their Aunt lives in South Africa

2012-10-13 14.17.59

Olympic Activity 2

Another amazing activity stolen from Jennifer’s Little World but hers was for the Euro 2012!

I folded an A4 piece of paper 8 times and then drew the flag patterns on, I used fairly easy ones (for me to draw!)

For the 4 year old, I wrote the colour words on each part, for the 2 year old I let her have free will.

I then got the 4 year old to write the names of the corresponding country on the back of each flag.

And just for fun I gave them both an A5 sheet of paper to design their own flag!

Olympic Activity 1

This was an activity we stole from the fabulous!

I should have used cardboard like the website suggested but I used paper and it all went terribly wrong when it stuck to the newspaper on the table!  But I think the girls enjoyed it!

This was great for the 4 year old to practice “sorting” I wrote the colour word on each ring and she’s very good with her reading and knew what colour to put where.

For the 2 year old I just let her have at it and she did rainbow coloured ones!