When I first started telling people the house purchase was going through the first response was “it’ll be nice to have your own space” and “you can really start to be independent” but honestly, the thing I was looking forward to most was having somewhere to put my books!

After a disastrous few years I really turned to books for company and escapism, I purchased them at a rate of knots – charity shops offering 3 for £2 did not help either. Eventually my mother had to say “you need to stop buying books or I’m going to have to get you help” … a joke I’m sure but I did slow down my book buying and turned to my kindle for a while.

I have moved the vast majority to the new house and started putting them into the BILLY bookcases my friend gave me and am so pleased at how I can have my lovely books on display.

I still haven’t decided how to organise them or which books will be relegated to the small bedroom and which will have pride of place on the expedit kallax bookcase downstairs. But for now they’re on a shelf… however let us not forget the books still in boxes in my mothers loft…gah!


IKEA… providing furniture for first time buyers since 1987.

Seriously a lot of the houses I’ve worked in over the past few years have had at least one piece of IKEA furniture and why not, it’s cheap, cheerful and seems to last an age.

So that’s where we headed yesterday. I had a small long list of things I wanted, some I changed my mind about last minute but most I was able to get.

Two 2×2 Kallax Cube
One 4×4 Kallax Cube
Frying Pan
Toilet Brush
Toilet Roll Holder
Two x LOTS Mirror
6 x Wine Glasses
6 x Highball Glasses
4 x Tumblers
Grow your own herbs!
6 x White Mugs
Pack of Children’s Tumblers
FIXA Tool kit for my man-drawer!
4 x DRONA box for the Kallax
Turquoise LACK side table

Total Spent: £210.40

After walking back and forth between the towels and bath mats, I still couldn’t decide upon a colour scheme and picked up a 20p guest towel for us to dry our hands after toileting!

And no IKEA trip is complete without a plate of meatballs.

I was very proud of myself when I completed my first DIY project… the flat-pack….toilet brush! Although I did get roped into building the other bookshelves in the end, but my lovely friend Toni did the hard work!