Veggie Potato Bake

Always looking for ways to get more vegetables into my meals especially when attempting to follow Slimming World (loosely!)

450g White Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes or a mix
500g Passata
1 Courgette
1 Red Onion
2 Parnsips
1 small Turnip
1 Leek
3 Carrots
5 Closed Cup Mushrooms
150g Pork
Handful of spinach
Mixed Herbs/Garlic Salt
Stock Cube

Now I can never get my carrots and turnip soft so I actually started by steaming them first. I fried my onion in frylight until soft then added into the chopped mushrooms, courgette and leek. In a jug I mixed the passata, a stock cube, some hot water, a sprinkling of garlic salt and mixed herbs and stirred it around. As the frylight is useless after a while I poured a splash to sort of de-glaze the pan and help soften the mushrooms and courgette.

I mixed into the semi-soft carrot and turnip and added the chopped parsnips before pouring the passata mix on. I let it simmer until the parnips were soft and then added the spinach.

I put a mixture of white and sweet potatoes on to boil until very soft so that I could mash them. I poured the vegetable mix into an oven-proof dish and layered the mashed potatoes on top. I used a fork to create lines on the top to add a bit of crispiness and as a treat used 30g of grated cheddar on top.

This actually made more mix than I was expecting so I poured half into the baking dish and with the potato on top this came to 228 calories per portion (4 portions). The other half I mixed through with cooked pasta and made a pasta bake.

Picture to follow!

52lbs – Month 2

I really ought to give up on this diet, I’ve been terrible again this month. In my defense I started off really well, especially as it was AF week but towards the middle, I started eating crap again and regained a couple of the pounds I lost. But this week went a bit better so fingers crossed for Month 3.

Week 1 – XStone4lbs

Week 2 – XStone1lbs

Week 3 – XStone5lbs

Week 4 – XStone2lbs!

So I’m getting there… probably a couple of pounds behind but still 7lbs down since January 1st! Come on March!

52lbs – Month 1

I decided to change this to a monthly post as some weeks I wouldn’t lose then I’d lose more the next week!

I started at XStone9lbs on the 1st January

I started the diet on 5th January and was XStone7lbs so was already ahead and I think this led to me taking things casually.

By week 2 on the 12th January I had stayed the same and was still XStone7lbs

Week 3 was better and on the 19th January I was XStone5lbs!

But on week 4 the 26th January was XStone6lbs! Gah! I’m useless!

However, I’m still down on New Years so that’s a positive and I’ll make a better effort in February as am keen to stick to meal plans!

(just sneaked onto the scales and I’m Xstone3lbs…! but it doesn’t count as it’s not weigh day :( )

Batch Cooking: Spicy Meatballs

500ml of Passata (£0.50)
10 Vegetarian Meatballs (£0.79)
1 Red Onion (£0.25)
1/2 Packet of Mushrooms (£0.39)
250g Swede & Carrot Diced (£0.25)
100g of Red Lentils (£0.24)
4 blocks of Frozen Spinach (£0.20)
1 Leek (£0.33)
2 tsp of Sunflower Oil
Chilli Powder
Garlic Salt
Garlic Clove
Mixed Herbs

Cost: £2.95

– put the meatballs into the oven to crisp up
– sweat the sliced onion, add the leeks, add the mushrooms and then add the chopped garlic
– in a bowl put 1-2 tsp of chilli powder, 1-2 tsp of garlic salt, 1 tsp of mixed herbs, the block of passata and a bit of water (to clean out the passata box)
– add the diced carrot & swede to the pan along with the passata mix and add the lentils
– when the meatballs look crispy put them into the pan and add four blocks of frozen spinach and allow it to melt into the mix
– leave it all for 30 minutes to allow the lentils to soften

Taste it and if you like add more chilli powder, also remember to salt and pepper to your liking

This serves four generous portions.

Calories: 216

Meal Plan Monday – 26/01/15

Last week I sort of stuck to the meal plan… only very nearly! But I’m hopeful for a better week this week!

Monday: Spicy Meatballs with plain Couscous
Tuesday: Sausage & Lentil Casserole with plain Couscous
Wednesday: Carrot & Parsnip Soup with Herb Cream Cheese on crackers
Thursday: Veggie Curry & plain Couscous
Friday: Lentil Curry & Couscous
Saturday: Baked Sweet Potato with Herb Cream Cheese & Salad
Sunday: Roast chicken breast, vegetables and stuffing

Mass amounts of couscous this week as it’s out of date and needs using! Whoops!

Once again doing Mrs M’s meal planning linky:

Meal Plan Monday – 19/01/15

I’m keen to get into meal planning… a) to try and save money and b) to try and stick to my diet! I find I let myself get too hungry then grab something quick and usually calorific (let’s not talk about last nights takeaway!)

Monday: Salmon & Tuna Salad with Crusty Bread
Tuesday: Carrot & Parsnip soup and Crusty bread
Wednesday: Chicken & Leek Risotto and extra vegetables
Thursday: Skinny lasagne with extra vegetables
Friday: Proxy Parenting so who knows what will be left for me!
Saturday: Possible meal out otherwise veggie sausages, sweet potato mash and veg
Sunday: Hoping to make a lentil broth!

This is my first time doing Mrs M’s meal planning linky:

Day on a Plate

Following the blacklash from this: Buzzfeed; kale salad, give me strength

I decided to post my own day on a plate:

Breakfast/Lunch (brunch): Well I slept late so I had my lunch – yesterday’s batch cooked curry with Ainsley Harriot’s Spice Sensation cous cous
Dinner: Last weekends batch cooked skinny lasagne with lettuce and cucumber
Supper:Two pieces of Morrison’s Granary bread toasted with nutella spread on top
Snacks:At about 4pm I ended up creating some banana pancakes I found on Two Saving Sisters which were yum!
Drinks: Lidl Mixxed Up Energy Drink and many Nescafe Azera coffees with either Lactofree milk (the cats) or skimmed milk.

Frankly this is a good day despite having curry for near enough breakfast. I’ll try and post one day a week, I’m sure we’ll come across an appalling day but I’ll never feature kale and chia seeds in the same day, that’s for sure.

Batch Cooking: Veggie Curry

This is a complete cheats meal so look away now if you’re opposed to jars!

I have a bag of couscous that needs using up so wanted to make some saucy and spicy to sit on the couscous since couscous on it’s own is the worst thing in the world.


1 x tin of potatoes (£0.60)
1 x tin of chick peas (£0.60)
1 x weight watchers tikka masala jar (you can use any jar you like really) (£1.00)
Frozen Onions (£0.30)
Frozen Mushrooms (£0.30)
Frozen Mixed Veg (£0.20)
Sunflower oil

Overall cost: approx £3.00

I buy the frozen veg/onions etc because it can be easier for a superfast meal.

– I softened the onions and mushrooms in a dash of sunflower oil and frylight.
– I bunged in a handful or so of the mixed veg, the tin of potatos (which I chopped into smaller pieces) and the chick peas and fried them for a minute or so.
– I poured on the sauce and half filled the jar to clean it out and added that to the pan.
– I brought it to the boil then turned it down to a simmer for the sauce to thicken.
– I added salt and garlic just for extra flavour.

For four portions, MyFitnessPal says it’s 250calories per portion.

52 lbs – week 2

I stayed the same this week, which wasn’t surprising as I was mainlining hobnobs over the weekend but am doing infinitely better this week so am hopeful for a loss next week!

Exercise has fallen by the wayside a bit, although did manage 20 minutes on an exercise bike and walked halfway around the village doing errands at work yesterday.

I have been busy in the kitchen making lower calorie meals which I’ve been adding under a batch cooking tag so look out for those!

Must try harder!

1lb down…

It’s amazing really, last week I was so ready to get on the healthy eating and was passing party food back to my father to eat so it was out of the house but my sweetie drawer still remained.

Monday arrived and I started with good intentions, ate my homemade soup but by the end of the day I really fancied chocolate so hit up my sweetie drawer.

Now although I only started Monday the goal is to lose a pound a week and with intermittent exercise have managed to lose a pound since January 1st.

Onwards to next Monday which is official weigh day! Just need to get through the weekend without bingeing…