Valentines Stamping

Actually that title makes the activity less than what it is, in fact you could do this activity throughout the year with all sorts of colours.

But as I had the three girls (7, 5 and 3) we did pinks!

I used toilet rolls (which I annoyingly sprayed with anti-bac then allowed them to dry…) and bent them into different shapes, we had a heart, a circle (natural-state!), a diamond, a leaf and what I wanted to be a star but the girls said was a butterfly! I then cut a couple in half so they could use the same shape at the same time!





L asked me how I had made the pink and I took the opportunity to ask her how she thought I had made it, she correctly guessed that I had used white but couldn’t fathom out what was darker than pink! It’s a great activity for mixing colours to see what they turn into which is what I would do in future.

Valentines Bookmark

This craft came to me yesterday and it’s possible I saw it on another site but I honestly cannot remember, so forgive me if I’ve stolen your idea!

I did this craft with my older girls M; 7 and L; 4.5. I took over doing the templates and let them do free rein of decorating!

To start I drew the bottom part of the bookmark which I did 15cm by 3cm, I found the middle part and 2cm down I made a dot and 2cm up I made a dot.

On one half I drew half the heart from these two dots. I folded the bookmark in half and cut it out and I now had a perfectly symmetrical heart!

Folding it back over I made a cut along the bottom of the heart, stopping about half a cm from the edge (as otherwise I’d then have a heart in my hand not on my bookmark!)

As another embellishment I cut a smaller heart out of the middle of the heart but this is completely optional.

Here are the girls’ bookmarks – had to blur one has M wrote her full name all over it! 😀

Nanny Activity: Let it Snowdough

This was a recipe I found on They Grow So Quick and it’s the most divine feeling dough!


1 cup of cornflour
1/2 cup of hair conditioner
glitter of choice


I ended up adding a wee bit more cornflour as it felt still a bit wet but it turned into a beautifully smooth dough.


The girls (M & L) enjoyed feeling the dough and began molding it into the letters of their names.


They also used cutters to create pizzas and sandwiches!

If were I were to improve upon this activity I may try adding food colouring.

Autumn Trees

I found this activity on Pinterest and although it’s not quite as perfect as the picture on there, it’s still a beautiful piece of art.

Top and bottom-right pictures are of C aged 2.10 years doing her painting. I cut out a tree trunk for her and she said she would paint it.

The bottom-left picture was done by L aged 4.6 years who started off using a finger but decided to opt for paintbrush splats for the leaves.

For M aged 6.9 years, I squirted different colours into the trays and let her mix them asking her what colour she thought they might turn into. She even made suggestions on how to make different shades – “add white to make it lighter”.

T aged 7 months sat out on this one, but when every one was finished I did let him play with the paint and we put some finger marks onto paper.