January Favourites


…book: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs was my favourite read of this month, read my review here

…drink: where would I be without my beloved Nescafe Azera (cake optional!)


…recipe: definitely loved my chicken & leek risotto


…picture: the cats look like they’re doing yoga!


…beauty: Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine, smells divine and leaves my hair looking lovely!


…outfit: I got a Mantaray dress on eBay for a steal! It has a lovely bird pattern on it.


The List

New Years’ Resolutions

I don’t tend to make resolutions as I’m ridiculously shite at keeping them.

1. Stop buying overpriced take out coffee – I’m a familiar face in Greggs for my regular cappuccino and McDonald’s saw me regularly throughout December when I got addicted to their Toffee Lattes. Even better I always present my loyalty card for my eventual free coffee! But alas it adds up £2 every day, £14 a week, £728 a year… could be better spent on new carpets for the house…

2. Stop taking pain killers like they’re sweeties! I’m a migraine sufferer and like most people they render me useless and unable to leave a darkened room. So now I’ve developed the fear, the fear that the twinges in my head are going to turn into a migraine. I’ve become unable to tell the difference between a severe headache and the makings of a migraine, so I stave it off regardless with a couple of paracetamol, sometimes a codeine if I feel like it really hurts! I had given Ibuprofen up when I was TTCing but went back on them during my break, however this led to gastric reflux in November. All in all, I take too many pills and need to stop!

3. Lose 52lbs (see 52lbs in 52weeks) – desperately need to get fighting fit if I ever want another go at DIUI so will be commencing healthy eating on 5th January.

But of course by 10.30am on New Years Day arriving at work with a costa coffee in hand having taken two paracetamol for my hangover – I had already broke two of my resolutions! 😉