Day in the Life of … Mia!

6.30am – Mummy’s radio alarm starts so I go and sit on her chest and wait for her to wake up
7.30am – Mummy’s radio stops and she’s still asleep and now I’m hungry so I’ll go do a pooh and hopefully the smell will wake her up
8.30am – Mummy finally gets out of bed! She goes to the toilet so I go and sit in the potty next to her and do a wee too!
8.45am – Breakfast time… only I didn’t want that so I’ll sit and cry
9am – Milk time… she stopped buying lactofree and brought home this awful soya stuff, so no I won’t be drinking that
10am – Time for a brush apparently, how’s about I hold the brush for you mummy and brush your hair?
11am – Mummy is doing some work on the computer so I think I’ll go sit on her keyboard and help her
12pm – Mummy’s lunchtime, wonder what she’s having and if I can share, I’ll cry and ask her
12.15pm – This sandwich is good!
12.30pm – It’s naptime, but it’s not the same without mummy
1.30pm – Mummy wants a rest so we can snooze together
3pm – Mummy’s left me to go to work :( I’m bereft!
3.30pm – So bored, think I’ll pounce on Gracey, it’s all her fault after all
6pm – Michelle is here! She’s my cat sitter, she loves to play with me, must be tea time
6.30pm – Michelle has gone, she’s locked us out of the living room now, bored again, think I’ll go bite Gracey
10pm – Getting sleepy now, really miss mummy :(
10.30pm – Mummy is home!! So happy I’m going to run up and down the stairs for the next hour
11pm – Mummy keeps getting cross so at me so I’m going to go climb the wall
11.30pm – Mummy’s climbed into bed, she’s warm so I think I’ll go lie next to her
12am – Zzzzzz


January Favourites


…book: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs was my favourite read of this month, read my review here

…drink: where would I be without my beloved Nescafe Azera (cake optional!)


…recipe: definitely loved my chicken & leek risotto


…picture: the cats look like they’re doing yoga!


…beauty: Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine, smells divine and leaves my hair looking lovely!


…outfit: I got a Mantaray dress on eBay for a steal! It has a lovely bird pattern on it.


The List

Cat Update: Introducing Gracey

I originally saw this little munchkin on a cat rescue site way back in August! As it was I was still at home, albeit on my way out to my new house but my mother would have killed me if I had brought a new cat home before I’d moved out.

So I checked regularly to make sure no one else stole her and once I was in my new house in October I emailed the woman to enquire!

Annoyingly the woman didn’t email back for weeks and by then I had found my beloved Mia! Of course the woman emailed me back the day I brought Mia home grr! But I arranged a visit anyways as I really wanted “Macey” as her rescue name was.

My god she is the most sweet little cat in the world, very clingy, and loves to be in your face. But I felt bad for Mia, I wanted time to enjoy her so I told the woman I needed time to think about it.

But she never left my mind and I told the woman I’d bring her home for Christmas. However after worms, fleas and illness in our house she didn’t come home until 30th December! But she’s here and she’s gorgeous.

Mia was utterly unimpressed at first but they seem to be getting on much better.

Her name was going to be Grizabella nn. Griza as I really thought she looked like Elaine Paige from Cats! But so far she’s Gracey (Macey/Griza combined) and answers to it so we might settle on that!

Cat Update: Mia

My darling Mia is now 7 months old and whilst she still seems titchy to me she is growing steadily!  She’s a total beast, she climbs my anaglypta wallpaper, she sits on my keyboard when I’m trying to play computer games and follows me around the house endlessly.

She had her bits chopped on the 23rd December (Merry Christmas Mia…!) and the fur on her tummy is starting to grow back.

Her breeder had her on Royal Canin Persian Kitten and Whiskas Kitten food so I stocked up in anticipation but she never took to the Whiskas so I tried a few little tins and we’ve landed upon Gourmet Gold Double Delicacies or Pate that she seems to enjoy.  She’s a total baby and really enjoys her milk (she was still taking mummy-milk when I picked her up at 5 months!) and I buy Lactofree milk for her (spoilt princess!)

Her absolute favourite toy in the world is a beady toy on a stick with feathers, she goes absolutely insane for it!  She cries when I’m in the kitchen and wants to know what I’m doing so I’ve taken to sticking her in the laundry basket with some toys so she’s at head height and can see what I’m doing.

Introducing Mia…

Belated welcome to my darling Persian kitten; Mia. She was born on 6th June 2014 which currently makes her 5 months old and we welcomed her on 26th October. She’s booked in for her speying next month when she’s 6 months (and I have time off to look after her!)

Bob is completely non-plussed by her, she is trying to establish her role in the household as queen bee and insists on sneaking up on Bob and growling at him. He’s such a laidback boy that he mostly ignores her.

Annoyingly, I wasn’t going to get a kitten, I had emailed a rescue about a gorgeous domestic longhair but the woman didn’t get back to me until after I had welcomed Mia. Trying to decide whether I can cope with three cats!!