House Buying Timeline

I wanted to share the timeline from viewing the house until completion:

25th April ’14 – View house for first time
28th April ’14 – Took mum to view house
(huge gap here due to Financial Advisors confusing me and lying to me!)
12th June ’14 – Offer accepted by vendors
30th June ’14 – Solicitor instructed (Howells in Cardiff!)
2nd July ’14 – Financial Broker put mortgage application in
9th July ’14 – Survey & Valuation carried out
10th July ’14 – Mortgage application accepted
6th August ’14 – Searches ordered
19th August ’14 – Searches back – all clear!
28th August ’14 – Exchanged
29th August ’14 – Completed!

My solicitors worked quickly and tirelessly (mostly because a friend was the legal assistant in charge of my conveyancing), any delays were on the part of the vendors solicitor!

Location Location Location

Buying a house is a very up and down isn’t it?

I’m 26, single and after a brief stint renting am back living with parents but I hate it, my possessions are confined to a room (if we ignore my boxes I brought back that are still resigned to the garage after 18 months)

So after a year working as a 0.75 nanny I’ve decided to hurry up and look for a property whilst house prices and interest rates are still low.

But it’s a very confusing journey, after ringing the bank and being told they work it out on a 4.25 multiplier (much higher than other sites had offered) I know the general price range I can look at, being an avid saver I’ve managed to save a bob or two since starting work at 16 years old!

And yet, apparently I have to put an offer in on a house first before I can apply for a mortgage, this seems daft, what if my credit rating is crap, I end up wasting both my time and the vendors time?

Regardless, the exciting part of this is getting to look at houses and I’m very excited to say I’m visiting my first property on Monday!  A three bedroomed house, but the downside to being a poor person, it’s 14 miles away from my job and out of the area I wanted to be but is that the sacrifice I’m going to have to make to get the most out of my money?