Book Review: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide


Goodreads: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

This was a Christmas gift from my three year old charge although I suspect it was only given as it has a cat on the front of the book!

It was an interesting read and not something I would have picked up myself so I was grateful for the opportunity to try something new. It is a non-fiction first person which centers around a man and his wife living in Japan in rented accommodation and their relationship with a neighbourhood cat. It was very wordy but enjoyably so.

I felt glad that they got their own cat in the end!

Rating out of five:

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Book Review: There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras


Goodreads: There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness #1) by Claire Contreras

This book started off really well, it seemed to have an intriguing story-line, with a bit of crime going on and I thought it was something that was going somewhere, but half way through it turned into poor erotica not dissimilar to a fan-fiction. I can appreciate a good sex scene, but I’m more for quality than quantity and it felt like they were all over each other every other page.

The underlying crime story was interesting and I wish there had been more about that than the present relationship between Cole & Blake. He seemed overly controlling and it was off-putting at times.

As it’s part of a series I don’t know what happens next but will definitely give the second book a go.

Rating out of five:

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Book Review: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Goodreads: Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children #2) by Ransom Riggs

I read this book from 24th to 30th January 2015.

This is the sequel to Goodreads: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs which I read in 2013.

I really love this series, the author uses vintage photographs within the book and has developed the story and its characters around these images. Whilst I have the worst memory and can only vaguely remember what happened in the first book, I found I was able to slip into this peculiar world quite easily and not feel too out of touch with the characters.

The story is interesting as we follow the orphans on their adventure to save their “peculiardom” as they call it and one is kept on the edge of ones seat as they pass through different time-loops, I was never sure which year we’d end up in.

Definitely recommended if you enjoy young adult reads!

Rating out of five:

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Book Review: Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes

Goodreads: Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes

I read this book from 19th to 24th January 2015.

This book is probably described as chick-lit however it didn’t come across like the usual chick-lit I read (Sophie Kinsella).

It’s primarily set in Australia in a little seaside hamlet called Silver Bay, an area once famed for whale-watching however tourism is in the decline.

It centers around a rundown hotel where an elderly woman lives with her niece and great niece, when along comes a business man covertly seeking out an area for a brand new all-singing, all-dancing five star hotel to be situated.

The main theme throughout is the welfare of the whales and other sealife and how it’ll ruin everything for this big hotel to bool on in. There is romance, there are tears and there’s a precocious 11 year old, my least favourite thing in world!

I enjoyed the beginning getting into it, thought the middle was a bit of hard work but enjoyed it more towards the end when the excitement picked up.

Rating out of five: