Autumn Leaves

The age old classic of painting the back of leaves and printing with them.

One thing I learned from this activity is the paint needs to be quite thin, it was too thick and ended up glooping on the paper leaving no leaf-print.

The older girls mixed their own colours hence why we don’t have autumnal colours.

Autumn Trees

I found this activity on Pinterest and although it’s not quite as perfect as the picture on there, it’s still a beautiful piece of art.

Top and bottom-right pictures are of C aged 2.10 years doing her painting. I cut out a tree trunk for her and she said she would paint it.

The bottom-left picture was done by L aged 4.6 years who started off using a finger but decided to opt for paintbrush splats for the leaves.

For M aged 6.9 years, I squirted different colours into the trays and let her mix them asking her what colour she thought they might turn into. She even made suggestions on how to make different shades – “add white to make it lighter”.

T aged 7 months sat out on this one, but when every one was finished I did let him play with the paint and we put some finger marks onto paper.

Brrr it’s cold!

Am I honestly wearing a jumper on the 21st August?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually the first to moan about being too hot and how much I hate summer, but this is ridiculous.  It’s like we have gone from the height of Summer to the middle of Winter with no warning.

I love Autumn, it’s still a little bit warm but slowly gets colder and you can get your jumpers out in readiness.

But no here I am sat in my jumper and still freezing my ass off.  It’s a good thing I enjoy shopping for warm clothes isn’t it?!

I’m off to buy my “going back to work” shoes today!