Following L’s 2nd birthday we had an abundance of balloons and I realised M and I have never messed around with Papier-mâché!  I asked her what she thought we could create using one of the more cylindrical-shaped balloons and she suggested a caterpillar!  Brilliant!  So after a bit of a mission to actually find some newspaper, using a mixture of PVA glue and a bit of water to make it a little bit runnier we wrapped the entire balloon in strips of newspaper, doing at least three layers to get the desired effect once dry.

Now usually I would suggest decorating whilst the balloon is still inflated but my bosses popped it on my day off!!  M decided the “caterpillar” should be blue and pink and I figured the easier way to decorate this deflated caterpillar would be using finger paints.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed it however the pressure regardless of whether using hands or brushes meant the caterpillar ended up beaten up.  Never mind!  We know for next time!

A benefit of using the fingerpaints is an inclusion for children who display tactile defensive tendencies!  They cannot resist getting their fingers in the pots.  Another thing I might suggest, as the fingerpaints are so thick, adding a bit of water allows for better spreading when rubbing the paint on something like the caterpillar.