Meal Plan Monday – 16th Feb ’15

My favourite meal from last week was my chicken & leek risotto, sadly I’ve ate the last portion! Sad times.

Monday: Lidl Hunters Chicken with cabbage and wholegrain rice
Tuesday: Curried Sweet Potato Soup with a salad wrap
Wednesday: Spicy Meatballs with wholegrain rice
Thursday: Lentil Curry with Couscous
Friday: Babysitting
Saturday: Babysitting
Sunday: Sausage & Lentil Casserole with extra vegetables.

I always find it hard to plan for babysitting nights as I just want to eat junk or sometimes the parents leave stuff for me.

What I love about my job?

Since it’s Valentines my list this week is the things I love about my job:

– they get me out in the great outdoors, I’m such a homebody usually but children get cabin fever very quickly!


– they look much better in selfies than your friends do!


– you can bake goodies and they have no calories. none. whatsoever.


– children are very obliging.


– you can’t rush a genius, they’re on their own time.


– if you have girls, you can play with their hair.


– every day is unpredictable.


– they give you unlimited cuddles and kisses.


I love my job!

The List

Valentines Stamping

Actually that title makes the activity less than what it is, in fact you could do this activity throughout the year with all sorts of colours.

But as I had the three girls (7, 5 and 3) we did pinks!

I used toilet rolls (which I annoyingly sprayed with anti-bac then allowed them to dry…) and bent them into different shapes, we had a heart, a circle (natural-state!), a diamond, a leaf and what I wanted to be a star but the girls said was a butterfly! I then cut a couple in half so they could use the same shape at the same time!





L asked me how I had made the pink and I took the opportunity to ask her how she thought I had made it, she correctly guessed that I had used white but couldn’t fathom out what was darker than pink! It’s a great activity for mixing colours to see what they turn into which is what I would do in future.

Tried & Tested – Durham Botanic Gardens


This is a firm favourite the Durham Mumsnetters in the Summer months for meet ups, mums and carers can grab a coffee whilst the children try not to drown themselves in the little shore-like pond.



There are several paths to choose from some buggy-friendly, some not, but it’s all very well sign posted. There’s plenty to look at from an actual bee hive to an indoor rainforest which the children love turning on the mist for!

It has a very nice cafe which serves anything from breakfast and coffee to individual tubs of ice cream! I also think it is fairly priced.

You can find the website for the Durham Botanic Gardens here.

P.s. Watch out for the great big tarantula…

This is a review for the Family Fever Tried & Tested Linky.

Family Fever

Meal Plan Monday – 9th Feb ’15

I definitely had brinner last week! Admittedly I took this picture before I smothered it in brown sauce.

What does your cooked breakfast get smothered in?


And onto this weeks plan which I’m hopeful will be stuck to much better as I seem to have got the healthy eating bug.

Monday: Vegetable Sausages, Micro Rice & Peas & Sweetcorn
Tuesday: Chicken & Leek Risotto
Wednesday: Sausage & Lentil Casserole with plain Couscous
Thursday: Ham salad with coleslaw
Friday: Spicy Meatballs with plain Couscous
Saturday: Carrot & Parsnip Soup with cream cheese on crackers
Sunday: Chicken breast, vegetables & gravy

Plain couscous for the win again 😉

Once again, I’m doing Mrs M’s meal planning linky:

What’s in my beauty bag?

Despite the brands in my make up bag, I’m not “into” doing my make up. I use it only for nights out, or if I have time before meeting friends. I definitely don’t waste it on work as the kids tell me I look 91 whether I have make up on or not!


But alas here are the key items in my make up bag:

…brushes: these are Ecotools Fresh & Flawless which I found in Boots (I can’t see this specific set on the boots website but I paid under £20.00). Out of this set I generally use the middle brush which is a ‘precision foundation brush’ and I sometimes use the next one along the ‘complexion blending brush’. They’re easy to use and to clean them I use hair conditioner to remove the grease build up.


concealer: I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclait in ‘2’ under my eyes to stop any dark bags, I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer terribly from bags under my eyes but now and then they creep out and I find the Touche Eclait just brightens my face up a bit. It was £25.00 from Debenhams.

foundation: I’m currently using Chanel Vitalumiére in beige but I think I might try the next shade down as I find I look like I have make up on rather than just looking natural. This was bloody expensive but I really like the liquid texture and I felt it went on to what is a dry face quite well. It was £33.00 from Debenhams.

eyeshadow: I flit between my brand new Urban Decay Naked 2 boxset and my Soap & Glory Eyes Box. I really love the blend of colours in the Naked 2 set, they’re natural and include a hint of sparkle for nights out. I use the S&G Eyes Box for day meets, as I find the pale pinky colour perfect for staying natural.


eyeliner: Absolutely in love with the Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl which came in the Eyes Box. It goes on so well and I’m horrendous for having shakey hands and drawing all over my face but I find this needs the lightest touch to give a good line. The annoying thing is bought separately this comes with it’s own sharpening but my version does not and I can’t work out how to sharpen it…


mascara: I got conned into buying this by the women on the Dior Counter, get a beauty card they said, you’ll get £5.00! I use Dior Diorshow Mascara Extase in black and it’s lovely, goes on well, doesn’t clump but it’s just mascara, something from Avon would do the same thing for a fraction of the price! It was £17.50 from Debenhams (no longer on website).


blusher: probably the cheapest item in my box but most used, I use the Avon ColourTrend Shimmering Lip and Cheek balm in ‘powder pink’. I use it on top of my foundation just to make me look a bit rosier in the cheeks. But it’s so old that it’s no longer sold by Avon and I’m not sure of the price, but definitely cheaper than £5.00!

lips: I’m a total lip gloss girl, and usually I’d go for a clear plumper but in my bag at the minute is the Dior Addict Gloss in Iconic Red. It really makes my lips pop especially if I wear red accessories like a cardigan or shoes. It was £22.00


scent: forgot to take a picture of this one, but my scent of choice has to be Miss Dior, it’s such a nice smell, and whilst it’s strong you don’t have to use as much so I find it lasts well compared to cheaper perfumes which you might have to douse yourself in. It’s £55.00 for the eau de toilette.

The List

Valentines Bookmark

This craft came to me yesterday and it’s possible I saw it on another site but I honestly cannot remember, so forgive me if I’ve stolen your idea!

I did this craft with my older girls M; 7 and L; 4.5. I took over doing the templates and let them do free rein of decorating!

To start I drew the bottom part of the bookmark which I did 15cm by 3cm, I found the middle part and 2cm down I made a dot and 2cm up I made a dot.

On one half I drew half the heart from these two dots. I folded the bookmark in half and cut it out and I now had a perfectly symmetrical heart!

Folding it back over I made a cut along the bottom of the heart, stopping about half a cm from the edge (as otherwise I’d then have a heart in my hand not on my bookmark!)

As another embellishment I cut a smaller heart out of the middle of the heart but this is completely optional.

Here are the girls’ bookmarks – had to blur one has M wrote her full name all over it! 😀

Day in the Life of … Mia!

6.30am – Mummy’s radio alarm starts so I go and sit on her chest and wait for her to wake up
7.30am – Mummy’s radio stops and she’s still asleep and now I’m hungry so I’ll go do a pooh and hopefully the smell will wake her up
8.30am – Mummy finally gets out of bed! She goes to the toilet so I go and sit in the potty next to her and do a wee too!
8.45am – Breakfast time… only I didn’t want that so I’ll sit and cry
9am – Milk time… she stopped buying lactofree and brought home this awful soya stuff, so no I won’t be drinking that
10am – Time for a brush apparently, how’s about I hold the brush for you mummy and brush your hair?
11am – Mummy is doing some work on the computer so I think I’ll go sit on her keyboard and help her
12pm – Mummy’s lunchtime, wonder what she’s having and if I can share, I’ll cry and ask her
12.15pm – This sandwich is good!
12.30pm – It’s naptime, but it’s not the same without mummy
1.30pm – Mummy wants a rest so we can snooze together
3pm – Mummy’s left me to go to work :( I’m bereft!
3.30pm – So bored, think I’ll pounce on Gracey, it’s all her fault after all
6pm – Michelle is here! She’s my cat sitter, she loves to play with me, must be tea time
6.30pm – Michelle has gone, she’s locked us out of the living room now, bored again, think I’ll go bite Gracey
10pm – Getting sleepy now, really miss mummy :(
10.30pm – Mummy is home!! So happy I’m going to run up and down the stairs for the next hour
11pm – Mummy keeps getting cross so at me so I’m going to go climb the wall
11.30pm – Mummy’s climbed into bed, she’s warm so I think I’ll go lie next to her
12am – Zzzzzz