I’m a 29 year old professional nanny working throughout the North East of England.

I have huge aspirations of becoming a crazy cat lady, I’m already crazy and have a cat, just need to find some way of becoming a Lady.

Someone was foolish enough to give me a mortgage and now I’m trying to set up a comfortable home for me and my cats.

I identify as a lesbian and would love a child of my own, after many years of consideration I decided to go it alone and will hopefully acquire a child in the future! As of August 2014, donor insemination has failed for the second time so will be taking a break to collect my thoughts but hopefully 2015 will be my year.

Always happy to hear from other Single Mothers by Choice :)

I keep the blog with a generic name such as juney.co.uk as I never know which direction the blog will go in.

I post about meal plans, book reviews, beauty reviews, gaming, cats, nannying, children’s crafts, diy and home improvement.

Looking for a temporary nanny/babysitter?  Contact me here -> www.jenfarrow.co.uk

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