It’s a toy…

I found this craft via Pinterest and although mine isn’t nearly as perfect as the one from Bhoomplay it looks alright and the girls think it’s fab!  Although L got it into her head that if it’s called jellyfish it must be edible to which I said “it’s a toy” and she proceeded to go Rain Man on me and as we walked back from the park repeatedly shouted out loud “it’s a toy”.

This is what you need:

Now I started with a 2 litre pepsi bottle but the neck is so narrow I didn’t think I’d be able to get the “jellyfish” inside so I opted for a 500ml Asda chocolate milk bottle.

A fruit and veg bag, but in hindsight, maybe a clear sandwich bag would have worked better?

Some food colouring (we went with Asda natural green) and some string, except I couldn’t find any… so we’ve got present wrapping ribbon!!

I found it difficult to create the tentacles (do jellyfish have tentacles?!), the bag isn’t the easiest thing to cut through, or sometimes it’d cut part, but the bottom would still be attached.

I also think I used too much food colouring!  But M enjoyed it immensely.  Next up was a mummy jellyfish!

This time I used a 1 litre Sainsbury’s chocolate milk bottle (and much to M’s chagrin, I decided not to down 1 litre of chocolate milk just so we could create the jellyfish immediately!)

Not a bad effort, might be an idea to glue the lids on to prevent any spillages as my two seemed to enjoy dropping the jellyfish a lot…

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