Meal Plan Monday – 9th Mar ’15

I decided this week to just list seven meals and have them whenever I feel, as some days I really didn’t fancy sausage casserole and it seemed such a shame to force it down and not enjoy it!

Last week I finally tried the tandoori curry sauce I got in Home Bargains and for the princely sum of 50p it was actually pretty delicious! Well worth a try! They had other flavours including butter chicken and sag aloo so plenty of choice for curry lovers.


I also made a mince cobbler last week with cheese scones for the cobbler and it was pretty delicious! (Although forgive the picture, it tasted much better than it looks!)

Curried Sweet Potato Soup with a bagel and cream cheese
Baked potato with cheesy vegetables
Lentil Tandoori Curry with rice
Mince Cobbler with extra vegetables
Lasagne and salad
Madras sausages with mixed vegetables and a fried egg
Chicken breast with mixed vegetables and flavoured rice

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