Batch Cooking: Curried Sweet Potato Soup


I had a bag of sweet potatoes that needed using up and because they’re sweet like parsnips I wondered if I could add a curry powder to “warm” the soup up and it worked out really well.

500g Sweet Potatoes (skinless weight) £1.00
1 litre of stock (I use 1 chicken cube and 1 vegetable cube)
1 Red Onion £0.25
1 Leek £0.33
2 teaspoons of curry powder of choice (I used tikka)
1 tablespoon of cream cheese £0.11
2 teaspoons of Sunflower Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

Calories per portion: 187
Cost: £1.69

– Sweat the onions and leek in some sunflower oil
– Prepare your stock, I find it easier to add my cream cheese and curry powder to the stock at this point
– Add the chopped up sweet potatoes and let them get coated in the oil residue then add the stock
– Simmer until the potatoes are soft and you can whizz it up with a hand blender

It’s so warming, and I could have stood to add more curry powder without making it too hot!

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