Oh no, last minute wobbles!

I’m having a last minute wobble about the wallpaper and paint combo I’ve chosen for the living room/dining room.

It’s a ridiculously shaped layout as once upon a time it was two rooms with the stairs cutting through the middle but now you access the living room going under the alcove under the stairs.

This means there’s a long wall from the front of the house to the back of the house with three alcoves and two fireplaces.

My plan was to pain the peripheral walls white to brighten up the rooms, I’ve been doing little bits each day and am pleased with how it is in fact brightening up the gloom of an Edwardian house.

I ordered wallpaper which I hunted down as no where seems to stock it anymore and picked up a pot of paint in teal (sorry!).

My plan was to paint the chimney breasts the teal colour (Wilko Electric Teal Matt) and have the wallpaper (Glitz Taupe by Arthouse) ending up something like this:

But having opened the package for the wallpaper it seems much lighter in real life and now I’m worried the white peripheral walls won’t look right.

What to do?!


When I first started telling people the house purchase was going through the first response was “it’ll be nice to have your own space” and “you can really start to be independent” but honestly, the thing I was looking forward to most was having somewhere to put my books!

After a disastrous few years I really turned to books for company and escapism, I purchased them at a rate of knots – charity shops offering 3 for £2 did not help either. Eventually my mother had to say “you need to stop buying books or I’m going to have to get you help” … a joke I’m sure but I did slow down my book buying and turned to my kindle for a while.

I have moved the vast majority to the new house and started putting them into the BILLY bookcases my friend gave me and am so pleased at how I can have my lovely books on display.

I still haven’t decided how to organise them or which books will be relegated to the small bedroom and which will have pride of place on the expedit kallax bookcase downstairs. But for now they’re on a shelf… however let us not forget the books still in boxes in my mothers loft…gah!


Actually Wilko, I can think of so much more that is FUN than your FUNctional paint.

I officially detest painting. Okay so all I did was a tiny-ass room but still, it was hard work and I don’t want to think about the fact that using cheap paint means it will need another coat.

So an unhappy hour or two was spent painting my “regulation room” (the waste of space room so that there are two doors between a toilet and a kitchen)

But before I did that and covered myself and the room in white paint, I did a video-tour of my house! Forgive the mess and my appalling phone-voice.

YouTube Video Tour


IKEA… providing furniture for first time buyers since 1987.

Seriously a lot of the houses I’ve worked in over the past few years have had at least one piece of IKEA furniture and why not, it’s cheap, cheerful and seems to last an age.

So that’s where we headed yesterday. I had a small long list of things I wanted, some I changed my mind about last minute but most I was able to get.

Two 2×2 Kallax Cube
One 4×4 Kallax Cube
Frying Pan
Toilet Brush
Toilet Roll Holder
Two x LOTS Mirror
6 x Wine Glasses
6 x Highball Glasses
4 x Tumblers
Grow your own herbs!
6 x White Mugs
Pack of Children’s Tumblers
FIXA Tool kit for my man-drawer!
4 x DRONA box for the Kallax
Turquoise LACK side table

Total Spent: £210.40

After walking back and forth between the towels and bath mats, I still couldn’t decide upon a colour scheme and picked up a 20p guest towel for us to dry our hands after toileting!

And no IKEA trip is complete without a plate of meatballs.

I was very proud of myself when I completed my first DIY project… the flat-pack….toilet brush! Although I did get roped into building the other bookshelves in the end, but my lovely friend Toni did the hard work!

Officially a homeowner!

We completed on Friday! I received the keys at 3.30pm on the 29th August 2014.

I foolishly took the cat up for a run-around. He was not impressed but I think it was more to do with it being his first car journey and he suffered poor thing.

I took a few boxes up but it’s going to be a gradual process as it seems easier than moving everything in one go – especially since most things are still in cupboards… whoops!

Annoyingly I went back to work on the 28th so have no had a day off work since in order to “work on things” (whatever that means, we all know I’m not doing anything to do with DIY). But on Saturday my mother went up with her hoover and steam cleaner and did the floors for me.

Tomorrow I’m going to IKEA to get some bookcases and things so expect a haul post tomorrow.

But for now, have some pictures of my TEAL things in situ…

House Buying Timeline

I wanted to share the timeline from viewing the house until completion:

25th April ’14 – View house for first time
28th April ’14 – Took mum to view house
(huge gap here due to Financial Advisors confusing me and lying to me!)
12th June ’14 – Offer accepted by vendors
30th June ’14 – Solicitor instructed (Howells in Cardiff!)
2nd July ’14 – Financial Broker put mortgage application in
9th July ’14 – Survey & Valuation carried out
10th July ’14 – Mortgage application accepted
6th August ’14 – Searches ordered
19th August ’14 – Searches back – all clear!
28th August ’14 – Exchanged
29th August ’14 – Completed!

My solicitors worked quickly and tirelessly (mostly because a friend was the legal assistant in charge of my conveyancing), any delays were on the part of the vendors solicitor!

All things teal!

I remember when I first had my offer accepted way back in mid-June. Of course on the list of things to do were:

1. Sort mortgage
2. Get solicitors quotes

But honestly, the first thing I did… I went onto Wilko.com and added all things teal to my basket, I think I managed to amass £150 worth of goods. I looked forward to the day I could hit checkout.

Imagine my chagrin, when one week to go my basket is empty… ah yes, thank you c-cleaner for wiping my cookies.

Also add to frustration when a lot of things were out of stock. I took the opportunity when I found myself in store to pick up a few bits – “need this colander, it’s out of stock online”.

Sadly my mother would only allow to buy what could fit in the basket so on this first trip I bought:

1. Colourplay Kettle in Teal
2. Chopping board in Teal
3. Colander in Teal
4. Colourplay Dinner Set in Teal
5. Colourplay Cutlery in Teal

The best thing about teal, is apparently no one else likes it, out of all the Colourplay colours, Teal is marked down in price?!

After sharing a sneak picture of my mini-haul on Facebook, a friend messaged telling me that Home Bargains (or B&M) had a selection of teal kitchen things!

So today, I can also add to my boot-load (I refuse to bring them into my mothers house, I will not move them twice!)

1. Set of Five Knives plus scissors
2. Tea Towels (set of 4)
3. Measuring Jug
4. Utensil Set
5. Grater
6. Two lamps (for the living room)
7. Wooden Spoons (they did have a teal set but they were plastic and I have a tendency to melt things)

I also picked up a clothes airer but it’s a more greeny shade so I’m going to swap it with my mothers which is … you guessed it. Teal.


House buying is expensive.

Today my solicitor sent their cash schedule which shows how much I have to pay upon exchange, this includes their fees, search fees and the deposit (20%!) of the house.

This is all with a view to exchanging on Tuesday (god damn bank holidays!)

My bank is not having a very good year, after the new car in January, donor sperm in February and now this, I’m not sure it’ll ever recover!

We are still on schedule for completion on 29th August! I cannot wait. Not that I’ve got anywhere with the packing… oops!

Brrr it’s cold!

Am I honestly wearing a jumper on the 21st August?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually the first to moan about being too hot and how much I hate summer, but this is ridiculous.  It’s like we have gone from the height of Summer to the middle of Winter with no warning.

I love Autumn, it’s still a little bit warm but slowly gets colder and you can get your jumpers out in readiness.

But no here I am sat in my jumper and still freezing my ass off.  It’s a good thing I enjoy shopping for warm clothes isn’t it?!

I’m off to buy my “going back to work” shoes today!


I guess I’m back!

Good grief it’s been well over a year since I last posted!  It’s been a tumultuous year, I’ve gained three new regular children – one a delightful sibling for 2 year old C which is T; now 6 months, and a new family whom I babysit for on a regular basis which includes A; 5 and N; 4.

I took a brief foray into the world of donor insemination; sadly failed but it’s not quite over yet, just need a break to collect my thoughts.

I’ve been through the stressful attempt at viewing and buying a house.  So nearly at the finish line that I can exhale and start doing the exciting planning and designing!

I’m also planning on getting a new cat to help me settle into the new home and maybe, just maybe I’ll try again for a much wanted baby.

Stay tuned!