Brrr it’s cold!

Am I honestly wearing a jumper on the 21st August?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually the first to moan about being too hot and how much I hate summer, but this is ridiculous.  It’s like we have gone from the height of Summer to the middle of Winter with no warning.

I love Autumn, it’s still a little bit warm but slowly gets colder and you can get your jumpers out in readiness.

But no here I am sat in my jumper and still freezing my ass off.  It’s a good thing I enjoy shopping for warm clothes isn’t it?!

I’m off to buy my “going back to work” shoes today!


I guess I’m back!

Good grief it’s been well over a year since I last posted!  It’s been a tumultuous year, I’ve gained three new regular children – one a delightful sibling for 2 year old C which is T; now 6 months, and a new family whom I babysit for on a regular basis which includes A; 5 and N; 4.

I took a brief foray into the world of donor insemination; sadly failed but it’s not quite over yet, just need a break to collect my thoughts.

I’ve been through the stressful attempt at viewing and buying a house.  So nearly at the finish line that I can exhale and start doing the exciting planning and designing!

I’m also planning on getting a new cat to help me settle into the new home and maybe, just maybe I’ll try again for a much wanted baby.

Stay tuned!


World Book Night 2013…

… or the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Currently reading: Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire by Mireille Guiliano

What are you reading?

I haven’t read any Shakespeare since last 23rd April I don’t think, such a fail, but I will look up one of his sonnets and read it before midnight!

ETA: Found one..!

Sonnet XC

Then hate me when thou wilt; if ever, now;
Now, while the world is bent my deeds to cross,
Join with the spite of fortune, make me bow,
And do not drop in for an after-loss:
Ah! do not, when my heart hath ‘scaped this sorrow,
Come in the rearward of a conquered woe;
Give not a windy night a rainy morrow,
To linger out a purposed overthrow.
If thou wilt leave me, do not leave me last,
When other petty griefs have done their spite,
But in the onset come: so shall I taste
At first the very worst of fortune’s might;
And other strains of woe, which now seem woe,

Compared with loss of thee, will not seem so.

Mother’s Day 2013

For Mother’s Day we made a huge biscuity thing in the shape of a heart!  It uses the Bero Sticky Blob Recipe found here.


225g (8oz) Self Raising Flour
100g (4oz) Butter/Margarine
100g (4oz) Caster Sugar
1 Medium Egg
pinch of salt
milk to mix

I added chocolate chips to mine!

1. Heat oven to 200C and grease a baking tray
2. Mix the flour of the salt, rub in fat and stir in the sugar
3. Mix to a stiff dough with the egg and the milk

This is where the recipe tells you roll the mix into balls but what I did was to flop it onto the baking tray and carefully mould it into a heart shape.

But as foolproof as it is, I forgot to add the egg and had shoved it into the oven for a few minutes before realising!  Hence the lovely brown colour where the chips had melted!



Valentines Day 2013

For Valentines Day we made chocolate chip cookies!


I used this easy recipe by MrsBadger on Mumsnet

1oz sugar
2oz butter
3oz flour

I added chocolate chips also!


1 tbsp Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp Icing Sugar
Dash of Oil
Dash of Water

It makes a really morish icing, I won’t judge you if you decide to eat the first batch with a spoon like I did

Chinese New Year 2013

The girls were lucky enough to be taken out for a chinese meal with their parents!  But in the lead up I wanted to do something that I remember doing often at school.

Making a lantern!

You need an A4 sheet of paper which you draw lines from 1cm in to the other side 1cm in.  Then the children draw their pattern on the sheet of paper, it can be anything they like using whatever materials you like, obvious choice being red and gold colours!

Fold the paper in half lengthways and snip the lines until you get to the last one where you can snip all the way through to create your handle!

Sellotape or glue the edges together and attach your handle at the top and ta-da! Lantern… or handbag as L preferred.

2013-02-10 15.32.58