Veggie Potato Bake

Always looking for ways to get more vegetables into my meals especially when attempting to follow Slimming World (loosely!)

450g White Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes or a mix
500g Passata
1 Courgette
1 Red Onion
2 Parnsips
1 small Turnip
1 Leek
3 Carrots
5 Closed Cup Mushrooms
150g Pork
Handful of spinach
Mixed Herbs/Garlic Salt
Stock Cube

Now I can never get my carrots and turnip soft so I actually started by steaming them first. I fried my onion in frylight until soft then added into the chopped mushrooms, courgette and leek. In a jug I mixed the passata, a stock cube, some hot water, a sprinkling of garlic salt and mixed herbs and stirred it around. As the frylight is useless after a while I poured a splash to sort of de-glaze the pan and help soften the mushrooms and courgette.

I mixed into the semi-soft carrot and turnip and added the chopped parsnips before pouring the passata mix on. I let it simmer until the parnips were soft and then added the spinach.

I put a mixture of white and sweet potatoes on to boil until very soft so that I could mash them. I poured the vegetable mix into an oven-proof dish and layered the mashed potatoes on top. I used a fork to create lines on the top to add a bit of crispiness and as a treat used 30g of grated cheddar on top.

This actually made more mix than I was expecting so I poured half into the baking dish and with the potato on top this came to 228 calories per portion (4 portions). The other half I mixed through with cooked pasta and made a pasta bake.

Picture to follow!

Meal Plan Monday – 16th March ’15


My favourite meal last week was the mixed vegetables, sausages and fried egg! I bought a casserole bag from Lidl for £1.00 and made roast vegetables with it by adding sunflower oil and some garlic and herbs, the sausages were garlic & chilli flavour from our butchers. So very tasty!

Only five meals this week as a friend is coming to visit over the weekend and we’ll be thoroughly naughty with meals out and takeaways in!

Mince Cobbler with extra vegetables
Baked Potato with a Ham Salad
Lentil Tandoori Curry with rice
Lasagne & Salad

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Baking: Oat & Date Bars


I have to admit I made this up as I went along and didn’t measure a thing so am trying to think how much would be appropriate, I think I possibly had too much butter so feel free to reduce that!

10-15 pitted dates soaked in hot water, it allowed me to take their chewy skins off!
Two handfuls of oats
1tbsp of Ground Almonds
1tbsp of Honey
2tbsp of Butter
1tsp of cocoa powder (okay I admit I used hot chocolate..!)
75g Chopped Nuts
50g Chocolate Drops

– Firstly I soaked the dates for 10-15 minutes, then the water was cool enough for me to rub the skins off.
– I melted the butter and honey together
– I put all the dry ingredients plus the dates into a mixing bowl and gently mixed them together before adding the melted butter and honey mix
– I rubbed a glass dish with butter to stop stickage but I imagine using baking paper would be far easier!
– I bunged in a hot oven (180C-ish) for 10-15 minutes until the top started to burn(!)

Leave to cool before slicing them as it allows the butter to harden and they don’t fall into a gooey mess!

This gave me 8 delicious bars… don’t ask how many calories… they had dates in it! They were truly healthy!

Gym Bunny Mummy

Book Review: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide


Goodreads: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

This was a Christmas gift from my three year old charge although I suspect it was only given as it has a cat on the front of the book!

It was an interesting read and not something I would have picked up myself so I was grateful for the opportunity to try something new. It is a non-fiction first person which centers around a man and his wife living in Japan in rented accommodation and their relationship with a neighbourhood cat. It was very wordy but enjoyably so.

I felt glad that they got their own cat in the end!

Rating out of five:

Weekend Book Club


Meal Plan Monday – 9th Mar ’15

I decided this week to just list seven meals and have them whenever I feel, as some days I really didn’t fancy sausage casserole and it seemed such a shame to force it down and not enjoy it!

Last week I finally tried the tandoori curry sauce I got in Home Bargains and for the princely sum of 50p it was actually pretty delicious! Well worth a try! They had other flavours including butter chicken and sag aloo so plenty of choice for curry lovers.


I also made a mince cobbler last week with cheese scones for the cobbler and it was pretty delicious! (Although forgive the picture, it tasted much better than it looks!)

Curried Sweet Potato Soup with a bagel and cream cheese
Baked potato with cheesy vegetables
Lentil Tandoori Curry with rice
Mince Cobbler with extra vegetables
Lasagne and salad
Madras sausages with mixed vegetables and a fried egg
Chicken breast with mixed vegetables and flavoured rice

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Meal Plan Monday – 2nd Mar ’15

Oh my goodness, the lamb & mint pinwheel from last week was so good! I’ve stocked up on more for the freezer! However at the price (£1.50 per pinwheel) I should probably learn to make my own!


Monday: Mince & Cheese Cobbler with brussel sprouts, carrot & turnip
Tuesday: Lasagne & Salad
Wednesday: Brinner
Thursday: Lentil Tandoori Curry with plain couscous
Friday: Sausage Casserole & Veg
Saturday: Babysitting
Sunday: Mince pinwheel with vegetables

I made the lentil tandoori curry using a pouch sauce from B&M’s, I’ll let you know what it was like next week!